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Re: Problem: update hell: apt-get gives segmentation fault consistently

Dear Mungo,

No special treatment for newbies aside from recommending the essay 'How to Ask Questions the Right Way' in the case of obtuse questioners. You don't match that, so I'll go right into troubleshooting.

Please post your /etc/apt/sources.list file - 'testing' used to be the same as 'lenny', but has not been since 14 feburuary when lenny was declared stable, with version 5.0. I'm imagining two sources in the file mismatching somehow.

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> So how do I extricate myself out of this mire: I'd love to obtain a working
> "apt-get" that doesn't hit
> a segmentation violation, but the only mechanism I know of to get a new
> version is to use the existing
> (broken) apt-get, hence I am in "catch 22" situation!
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you could always manually wget the latest apt-get package (and its dependancies) and and use dpkg to install them - but let's save that howto for if it's actually needed.


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