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More Details G5 Fails to Install Lenny

Some people have asked for more detail ... so, here goes...

Machine is a bog-standard iMac G5 (rev B) .

Distribution is Debian Lenny.

Messages I get after booting "install" are as follows (I have listed the 
first/important words)

'loading kernel'
'kernel loaded'
'loading ramdisk'

... then the screen goes white (black printing) and the following is 

found display .........etc
copying OF device tree
building dt strings
building dt structure
device tree strings ...
device tree structure ...
calling quiesce
returning from prom_init

invalid memory access @ %SRR0

Apple Powermac0,2 ....

Welcome to open firmware ...

to continue booting ...

release keys to continue...


It's at this point that the machine is frozen ... and I have to do a 

I hope this makes my problem clear...

Linux on a Mac... delightful
Irena & Richard Jenkins
Canberra,  AU

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