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install linux debian

after reading the mail
Reenviado-Para:       debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org
    De:       anibal@debian.org
    Asunto:     Re: G5 Debian Lenny Install Difficulties: iMac
    Fecha:     19 febrer 2009 08:59:23 GMT+01:00
    Para:       richard.jenkins@internode.on.net
    Cc:       debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org

perhaps the solution is good for me, because I have dificulty with Yaboot.

I have IMAC G5 PPC

Thanks for your help,

I have error with fdisk

-bash: /sw/bin/init.sh: Permission denied
MacOS-X-10-4:~ miqueldemur$ cd /
MacOS-X-10-4:/ miqueldemur$ fdisk -l /dev/sda
fdisk: illegal option -- l
usage: fdisk [-ieu] [-f mbrboot] [-c cyl -h head -s sect] [-S size] [- r] [-a style] disk
        -i: initialize disk with new MBR
        -u: update MBR code, preserve partition table
        -e: edit MBRs on disk interactively
        -f: specify non-standard MBR template
        -chs: specify disk geometry
        -S: specify disk size
        -r: read partition specs from stdin (implies -i)
        -a: auto-partition with the given style
        -d: dump partition table
        -y: don't ask any questions
        -t: test if disk is partitioned
`disk' is of the form /dev/rdisk0.
auto-partition styles:
  boothfs     8Mb boot plus HFS+ root partition (default)
  bootufs     8Mb boot plus UFS root partition
  hfs         Entire disk as one HFS+ partition
  ufs         Entire disk as one UFS partition
  dos         Entire disk as one DOS partition
  raid        Entire disk as one 0xAC partition

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