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Re: video conference software for debian ppc

OK, trying linphone. Installed fine but I'm getting such puzzling information and green rectangle.

Your machine appears to be connected to an IPv6 network. By default linphone always uses IPv4. Please update your configuration if you want to use IPv6.


2009/2/18 Piotr Kopszak <kopszak@gmail.com>
Great, I know of these programs, I know they should work. I was just interested what people are using on day to day basis and what has really proven usable on linux ppc. So is anybody video-conferencing between linux ppc and windows here?


2009/2/18 Rafal Czlonka <rafal.czlonka@googlemail.com>

Piotr Kopszak wrote:
> For a moment I was contemplating trying to get skype working via MOL but I
> haven't even managed to run MOL on my powerbook5,6 (see earlier post). Has
> anyone suceeded to do so? Anyway, could you recommend any video conference
> programs you are using which communicate with windows clients (that's a
> must).

Any portable F(L)OSS software (Ekiga, Linphone, CuteCom, etc.) should
On PowerPC you simply won't get proprietary x86 (usually) binary-only software


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