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Fwd: video conference software for debian ppc

Great, I know of these programs, I know they should work. I was just interested what people are using on day to day basis and what has really proven usable on linux ppc. So is anybody video-conferencing between linux ppc and windows here?


2009/2/18 Rafal Czlonka <rafal.czlonka@googlemail.com>

Piotr Kopszak wrote:
> For a moment I was contemplating trying to get skype working via MOL but I
> haven't even managed to run MOL on my powerbook5,6 (see earlier post). Has
> anyone suceeded to do so? Anyway, could you recommend any video conference
> programs you are using which communicate with windows clients (that's a
> must).

Any portable F(L)OSS software (Ekiga, Linphone, CuteCom, etc.) should
On PowerPC you simply won't get proprietary x86 (usually) binary-only software


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