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Re: No X on iMac G3 400MHz

On Tue, 10 Feb 2009 19:17:00 -0800
"urpion urpion" <urpion@linuxwaves.com> wrote:

>  Hi, Ive just installed Debian 5.0 PPC Current Testing on IMac G3 400Mhz (HD-Media vie network with standard system +
> desktop). I tried etch and Lenny, but they didn't find the nic. All went well. But after first reboot... black screen. The system
> is fine but X is not happy. I reconfigured the package xserver-xorg a few times, but no dice!. The video card is an ATI Rage
> 128 RL/VR AGP


Try using 'fbdev' as your driver. At least with that you should get X
to start although of course you don't get accelerated graphics. Try
that and post back. The 'r128' driver in lenny has some issues that can
be worked around by specifying the proper modelines.


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