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Re: Wifi configuration Debian Lenny Ibook G3

2009/2/9 Esteban Monge <esteban.francisco@gmail.com>:
> Hello
> I try connect to WiFi network in my work. Have WPA Personal Security with
> TKIP encryption.
> I try use wpa_supplicant, wpagui, network manager and wifi radar but I cant
> connect.
> My machine is a Ibook G3 800MHz with Airport Card. I dont like network
> manager because I use Enlightenment, I like more wifi-radar, but:
> How configure wpa personal security with tkip in wifi radar?
> How configure my network card in /etc/network/interfaces?
> How configure wpa supplicant?
> Sorry for my bad english, and thanks.

I was having a hard time connecting my iBook G3 with an AirPort Card
running lenny using wpa at home. With knetwork-manager  the processes
always hang with no results and the same for wifi radar.

Then I found this tip


I don't know why but It just works for me (now my iBook is at a repair
shop with a dead black screen). If you connect to many wireless
networks it would be very annoying because you would have to do a lot
of /etc/network/interfaces editing.


Gunther Furtado
Curitiba - Paraná - Brasil

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