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RE: IBM JS21 Blade and debian-40r6-powerpc-netinst.iso

Hi all - the issue is resolved.

As a reminder - the hardware is a JS21 in an H-chassis.

The PowerPC installer does not run a getty on HVC0 (nor does it provide an option to do so) leaving
debian's default PowerPC install non-functional on any Pseries/Power machine without graphics hardware.

The modifications required to get Debian release 4 operational on a JS21 are as follows:

   o  /etc/inittab - add these lines to the inittab file:
      # Start a getty on a the PowerPC Hypervisor console.
      H0:23:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 hvc0

   o /etc/securetty - add this line to the securetty file:
      # Run on the PowerPC Hypervisor console

The challenge here is to rescue the "broken" OS installation - this can be done in two ways (that I know of).

1) Using SMS - boot from the CDROM image and use the rescue64 image to mount / .
2) Boot from the H.Disk and when you get the boot: prompt - enter "Linux single"

Once your in single user mode - you can edit the inttab and securetty files.

Once I make the changes - i simply enter the init 2 command... and the system is alive and well. (a reboot will work as well).

All - thanks for your time on this issue.

QUESTION - I assume this is some type of bug... Where can this be posted ?

Dave O.

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