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Re: What is pbbuttonsd used for nowadays?

Le samedi 31 janvier 2009 à 21:38 +0100, Gerfried Fuchs a écrit :
>  Thanks, I am reading the list I post to, otherwise I wouldn't had
> followed up to the thread. ;)  No need to extra Cc me.

I thought it was the policy on this list ... sorry for the annoyance.

>  The unnamed "desktop environment" in the debian-installer installs the
> desktop environment that is the default for that CD. There are first CDs
> for gnome, KDE and xfce, so all three of them are "default".

Well, I installed debian by using the netboot image, which has no
desktop environment on it. So this is why (again ...) I'm calling it
"default". I have no "official" URL to back it up, but I thought it was
"natural" to have gnome as default, as it is today the DE of most
distros (beware, I'm a gnome user, so I may not have an objective POV).

> > but I didn't think of it because I never owned (or saw anyone using
> > debian on his PB) a backlit PowerBook.
>  Mostly because I only really use it when I'm lying in bed in the dark.
> Not completely sure if the usecases for that feature is much different
> for other people, but I highly doubt that you (or others) would be able
> to see me using that because of this.  ;)

Point taken :-) but what I meant by "not seen anyone" was rather not
knowing anyone who used pbbutoonsd for his backlit PB, rather than
actually seeing him. Excuse my english ...

>  On the other hand, I haven't seen this on much other hardware
> platforms, and given that specific hardware features (like this) indeed
> _are_ hardware vendor specific, it shouldn't be considered too strange
> that there are special tools to support them for that architecture.

Of course. Even if I seem to remember some very specific model with this
feature, but it's not common at all.


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