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Re: What is pbbuttonsd used for nowadays?

* Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> [2009-01-29 21:23:44 CET]:
> I notice that my Debian testing install includes pbbuttonsd and starst
> it at boot.  But looking at the home page of that project, it seems that
> what it offers is already provided by other parts of the system nowadays.

 What other parts are you refering to? I use pbbuttonsd and wouldn't
know what else is as convenient to use the function key things to
control backlight, volume and keyboard lights.

 Maybe there are other "parts of the system" that offer the same
functionality, I don't know, but then again there is also elvis and nvi
which provide quite similar functionality, left aside all the other text

> So is it still useful, and if so for what?

 Why do you think it's not?

> PS: Running on a PowerBook G4 12".

 PowerBook G4 15"

 So long. :)

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