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Re: yaboot partition + /boot partition ?

> As I remember it, the biggest issue was that if you mark it as a type
> of Apple_HFS so that you can mount it from macos it will become
> unbootable after it gets mounted by the macos.

Right, this is well documented, but unrelated: I'm talking about
mounting the Apple_bootstrap partition as /boot under GNU/Linux, not
changing its type to Apple_HFS.

> One of the reasons people wanted yaboot on /boot was to write new
> kernels and configs from the macos.

??? I mean /boot under GNU/Linux.  I don't want to mount it under Mac OS
X (except maybe manually if I need to fix a problem that prevents
booting into GNU/Linux).

> I think there were also worries about corrupting the filesystem due to
> bugs in the hfs and/or hfsplus drivers in Linux.

Is that still relevant today?


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