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Re: [OT] Disabling hardware speculation support in GCC flags

> You're right, I guess we can't disable the "hardware" directly but if
> we let gcc know about this then it is possible that it will do further
> optimizations correct?
What sort of run time issues can addressed on an runtime usage.

> For example, I can compile a C program using regular gcc without any
> options and then adding the following and comparing the differences:
> "-mcpu=7400 -O2 -pipe -maltivec -mabi=altivec"

These are stricly static rules.

> This way the compiler "knows" about the hardware and tries to optimize
> the program based on that.

How will you make an runtime sequence be made correclty to an compiler
> What do you think?

reminds me of hennesey and patternson chapter 03.

> Thanks,
> Amit
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