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Re: No sound in snes9x (Debian PowerPC PS3 Port)

* Norberto Feliberty <thegame4121982@msn.com> [2008-08-29 20:52:56 CEST]:
> Hi, I have alsa-oss installed. I don't understand how to set it up or
> if it is possible to set up snes9x to use alsa.

 There's no need to set it up, just prefix the program you want to run
with aoss, so "aoss snes9x" should do the trick (you can give all the
commandline options after that too, of course - just like with sudo or
strace or the likes).

> How do I find this out?

 By readin the documentation that is included in the package:
dpkg -L alsa-oss

 Hope that helps,

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