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No sound in snes9x (Debian PowerPC PS3 Port)

Hi When playing games with snes9x emulator, I get the following message. 

Reading config file /etc/snes9x/snes9x.conf
Controller Port 1: Pad 1
Controller Port 2: 
/dev/dsp: No such file or directory
Sound device open failed
Using ROM Street Fighter 2 Turbo.smc in sfiit.zip
Found ROM file header (and ignored it).
"Street Fighter2 Turbo1" [checksum ok] HiROM, 32Mbits, Type: ROM only, Mode: 21, TV: NTSC, S-RAM: 0KB, ROMId: B??? Company: 08 CRC32: A45CADD6
joystick: No joystick found.
Can't open "/dev/mem", full screen mode not available: Permission denied

I'm using Debian PPC on PS3. Anyone else have this problem. What could I be doing wrong? How can I fix this issue. Thanks.



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