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Re: pasting of formated text

Gerfried Fuchs a écrit :
> 	Hi!
>  <http://bugs.debian.org/490010> - there seems to be an endianness
> problem somewhere, but I'm unable to really pin it down. It might well
> be in the X paste buffer area directly affected, but it doesn't appear
> anywhere else for me than just in pidgin.
>  I did some more testing and can't reproduce it with evolution anymore
> no matter what I wrote in the bugreport, so it seems to be limited to
> pidgin. Pasting formated text from wikipedia or from some recent chat
> from to evolution mail window works, pasting anything from a browser or
> recent chat from pidgin to itself doesn't work, it switches byte order.
> You can select that b0rked text then, ctrl-c ctrl-v (copy paste) onto
> itself and make it appear correctly again. Pasting from evolution works,
> the formating informations from there doesn't seem to be copied.
>  Any hints or pushes into the right directions are more then welcomed.
> Rhonda

hi again!

I've the same problem here with pidgin and only pidgin!


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