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xorg issues with lenny and PowerBook G4 [Revisited]

Hey there,

I was unsuccessful in installing Lenny a few months ago so I reverted
back to Debian Etch. A few days ago I dist-upgraded to lenny.
Everything works as expected except for xorg. No matter what I tried I
could not get past a blank screen. I expect this is related to bug

I've tried everything from that is listed from the bug report but no
luck. I even tried downloading the r128 driver from etch and compiling
it from source but no luck.

Some notes:

 1. Using ATI Rage 128 M3.
 2. Works perfectly fine in Etch.
 3. I get as far as a blank screen but that is about it.
 4. Everything else works fine in Lenny (power management, etc).

I am having fun trying to accomplish my day to day tasks using the
command line but I need the GUI to use inkscape and rdesktop.

Any help is appreciated.


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