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12" G4 Powerbook with heat issues

I've been running vanilla PPC Etch install on my 12" 600mhz G3 iBook
as a server for some time, with months of uptime and no performance
issues.  I run it with the lid closed and pbbuttonsd configured to
turn off the screen and run it in powersave mode.  So it runs
downclocked to 400mhz, and /proc/cpuinfo reports that the temperature
is under 20 C.  Everything's great with that machine.

I recently installed the same vanilla PPC Etch install on my 12"
1.33ghz G4 PowerBook and reused to pbbuttonsd configuration so I could
run it in a similar configuration.  /proc/cpuinfo report 666mhz but
doesn't report the temperature, I get it from
/sys/devices/temperature/sensor*temperatures, which reports 52 and 67
C and the fan runs frequently.  I opened it up and it runs at 50 and
65 C and the fan seems to be off, but that still seems really hot.

Everything is updated with the latest Etch, both machines have
essentially no load, am I missing something basic for getting it to
run much cooler?  I haven't dug through the latest kernel releases to
see if I'm missing something, it seems that it's a fairly old
processor so I figure everything should be standard by now.


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