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Re: Dual Boot Mac Os 9 and Debian PPC

A Tuesday 27 May 2008 12:42:31, Samy Mezani escreveu:
> hi,
> I had the same problem with MacOS 8.6, resolved now.
> You should try to boot with MacOS CD, open Hard disk tool, click on
> <unmounted disk>, then Fonctions menu and Update.
> Sorry for bad translations, I have only the french MacOs version.
> Samy

A BIG THANK YOU ! Must because it is very common for MacOS users, I've never 
found this clue anywhere. And this is the only thing to do!

So it works. I don't know if any documentation maintainer is in this list, but 
I think this information should be added to the PPC multiboot zone of Debian.


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