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Re: Dual Boot Mac Os 9 and Debian PPC


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From: José JORGE <jjorge@free.fr>
Date: 2008/5/26
Subject: Re: Dual Boot Mac Os 9 and Debian PPC
To: gunfurtado@gmail.com

A Monday 26 May 2008 21:42:50, Gunther Furtado escreveu:
> 2008/5/26 José JORGE <lists.jjorge@free.fr>:
> > - the mac os 9 is not added automaticaly to yaboot conf file (the
> > macos=/dev/hda10 line)
> > - if I add it manually, choose 'm' at yaboot time, it goes directly to
> > the blinking floppy
> > - it is a iMacDV
> Can you post your partition table?

Yes. As I've done many attemps, I'll say it in a generic way :
With Mac OS 9.0.3, I create 2 partitions. The first is 'unallocated', 9GB.
Second is Mac OS 9 one, HFS, 1 GB. MacOS9 works nicely until I try to install

> Does the 8GB rule apply to the iMac you have (the macos partition must
> be at the initial 8GB of the disk)? I solve this once by adding a
> 100MB /boot partition at the beginning of the disk an then a 7GB
> partition for the macos system folder containing partition and only
> then all other debian partitions.

I don't think so, as OS9 works nicely until Debian is installed.

Thanks for your attention.


Gunther Furtado

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