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Re: Xorg, unstable and iBookG4

Thorsten Gunkel <tgunkel-lists@tgunkel.de> wrote:
> leandro noferini <lnoferin@cybervalley.org> wrote:
>> From some days  my xorg does not work well because  it cannot display at
>> 1024x768 but only at 800x600.  Anything changed in the configuration but
> I noticed the same problem a few days ago on my etch system (with packages I
> backported from testing, unstable and even experimental). I assumed that I
> did something wrong while backporting so I am interessted to hear that it
> even happens with standard Debian unstable.

I can confirm that this problem is resolved by removing my old HorizSync and
VertRefresh in the "Monitor" section.

> I went for 1:6.7.198~git20080101.f65374f5-1 because I expected to have a
> working vga output with them (did also not work).

And this does also work. It seems that I have to restart X after plugging the
external CRT to my ibook, but that doesn't matter for me.

I also added

        Option         "MacModel"              "iBook"

but I'm not sure if it was really necessary.


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