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Re: Booting powerbook G3 with Bootx or Quik

On Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 12:04:17AM +0100, Paolo Perani wrote:
> Hi guys out there, I have a problem that is driving me crazy (well I am a newbie..).
> I have installed the Debian 4.0 (I tried Netinstall and xfce) on my mac Powerbook g3 wallstreet. The installation is no-problema I install the minimal version of Debian because I only have 1,2G. I do the manual partition and format the root partition with first ext2 and in the second try with ext3.
> /dev/hda7   swap
> /dev/hda8   root
> I choose as the first try not to install Quik because, if I may quote from the manual:
> ???If you use BootX to boot into the installed system, just select your desired kernel in the Linux Kernels folder, un-choose the ramdisk option, and add a root device corresponding to your installation; e.g. /dev/hda8.???

That sounds like a obsolete passage in the manual with false
information. I reported a bug and attached a patch for the manual in
22 december 2005, however, the bug is still open:

The correct procedure has been documented several times on this list,
heres the principal steps:

1. Install (I think continue without a boot-loader is the correct
   thing to do if you want to use BootX)
2. Before rebooting, copy the installed kernel and initrd from /boot
   to the MacOS partition.
3. Reboot to MacOS.
4. Configure BootX to use this new kernel and its initrd instead of the
   installation kernel + installation initrd.

Hans Ekbrand

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