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Re: Installing Debain - Pdisk - Apple_bootstrap imac not Bootable

P Kapat wrote:
> On 12/7/07, flebber <ubuntu@netspace.net.au> wrote:
>> I am trying to install debain via 4.0r1 net.iso I couldn't get yaboot to
>> start cd-rom correctly so used pdisk to delete Apple_HFS partition and
>> recreate it as Apple_bootstrap so that yaboot may recognize it.
>> However on reboot disaster Imac now only boots up to a grey screen with a
>> picture of a floppy disk and a flashing question mark.
>> I believe it it is a powerpc 750 called "Bondi Blue" . I am not worried
>> particularly about dual booting with Mac Os I wanted to set this up
>> hopefully for my Mother in Law in needs a computer so was hoping to get a
>> debian kde install up ?
>> What can I do ?
> I am not particularly aware of the "Bondi Blue" model, but for "New
> World" machines (iBook G4 for instance) i think one is supposed to
> press (and keep pressed for sufficiently long) the 'C' key immediately
> after powering on the system. This makes the machine boot from the
> cdrom. I know this works on my iBook G4, but I don't know if it works
> on every other apple machine. I think some else might provide a better
> a idea.
> HTH,
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> Regards
> PK
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If it helps here is a link to the model I have 

I did try holding down C but it seemed to have no effect for me also I tried
command+Option+shift+delete but again that didn't seem to work for me.

command+option+o+f  does get me to a prompt but cannot seem to get the
cd-rom to boot from here.

I was trying different key combinations I found at this site but cannot get
a go  http://www.jacsoft.co.nz/Tech_Notes/Mac_Keys.htm
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