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Re: No port maintainers?

Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

 As you have sent me the link personally on IRC I guess you are looking
for my input to the thread, so I answer. :)

Well, not in particular, but I saw you mentioned on the Etch page ;-)

* Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> [2007-10-26 11:04:24 CEST]:
Please add yourself to [0] if you're actively working on powerpc issues.

 If you consider doing uploads for my packages from my PowerBook,
occasionally doing porter binNMUs when the buildd system lags behind
again for packages in need to transition to lenny or offering occasional
rebuilds for security uploads as doing active work on powerpc issues,
you could add me. Though, I have no real insight in when arch specific
issues pop up like required endianness fixes or even more direct to the
hardware, left aside having anything else than my PowerBook in that
sense - thus I don't feel like I really should be added as port

 In the Etch page it was called Developers and I got lured into adding
myself under the impression that it was about DDs, not about port
maintainers. I don't feel I got the required insight into the
architecture to be called that, sorry.

A port maintainer should be someone who makes sure architecture specific issues are dealt with either by fixing them themself or contacting the right people to fix it for some value of fixing... Being a DD can help in convincing that the efforts will probably last, though is IMHO less important...

If all you do is make sure the right people are aware of the problem so there is a high chance in getting things fixed, you would qualify as port maintainer IMHO...



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