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OpenSSH Login Problems / CheckInstall .deb package?

Hello, all!

I have installed openssh via aptitude on iMac G3 5pp MHz running Debian Etch.

Most of the time, when I try to ssh into the iMac, I have no problem, but I was unable to establish an ssh tunnel using Navicat. Upon further investigation, I discovered when I tried to ssh in from a shell account I have I got the error "Permission denied (publickey,password).".

I did some Googling, and this appears to be a known problem: <http://www.openssh.com/faq.html#3.5>. The problem is that the compilation of openssh for Etch PPC evidently does not include the configure option "--with-md5-passwords". The recommended solution is to install openssh from source using this option.

I don't like installing from source, because it's hard to uninstall. I like to use checkinstall, but I found, to my horror, that for some reason the checkinstall package had been removed from Debian between Sarge and Etch.

So, I will use "make install" to install checkinstall, and use checkinstall and dpkg to install openssh.

Does anyone know why checkinstall isn't officially supported in Etch, and has anyone else had similiar problems with openssh?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.


Jeffrey Rolland

"The weed of crime bears bitter fruit; crime does NOT pay! The Shadow knows!"
 - _The Shadow_

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