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Re: GUI Text Editor for GNOME

Jeffrey Rolland wrote:
> Hello, all!
> I just got Debian up and running on an iMac G3 500MHz, and now I want
> to get down to business on it.
> I have an iBook running Mac OS X 10.4.10 and I use BBEdit Lite (the
> version that came before TextWrangler, which is also a good app) as my
> text editor on it. My dad has a Compaq running Windows XP and I use
> NotePad++ as my text editor on it.
> I mainly crack open and\or create text files, but I do a tiny (tiny!)
> bit of C programming as well.
> Can anyone recommend a GUI text editor for GNOME that has similar
> functionality and power to these two programs (line numbers, optional
> text wrap, and line ending conversions are key, but other things,
> too)? I'm not interested in the learning curves of vi or emacs right
> now, so please don't recommend gVim or XEmacs.
> Thank you in advance for any recommendations you can provide.
> Sincerely,
> -- 
> Jeffrey Rolland
> <jrolland@wiremail.org>
> "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit; crime does NOT pay! The Shadow
> knows!"
>   - _The Shadow_
I've always been partial to nedit, myself; it works well under
WindowMaker, so I imagine it would be okay under Gnome as well.


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