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problem with latest experimental ati driver


 I have been using 1:6.7.192-4 for quite a while now, am quite happy
with managing the external monitor through xrandr (though I haven't
found out yet how to set a specific frequency, only a specific mode),
and sometimes I have to restart X11 multiple times to not get display
errors when using the external monitor.

 That said, after upgrade to the latest version of the package in
experimental, 1:6.7.195-2, I am unable to start nexuiz anymore. Well, I
can start it, but the display gets crashed, it starts to fill with black
mostly first and then starts these funny colour games, getting brighter
and brigher over time. Reinstalling the 1:6.7.192-4 package again makes
it work again.

 Anyone notices a similar regression in the latest experimental driver?
Any cure for that yet?

 Btw., I have been told disfunctional capslock led is something known to
Xorg 7.3 in general, but I haven't seen it noticed on this list yet so I
think it might not hurt mentioning it.

 So long,

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