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Re: ALSA sync issues with 12in Powerbook G4

On 10/3/07, Myo <myosrcgz@gmail.com> wrote:
> hello list,
> I've just done a testing/Lenny install on a 12in Powerbook G4 1.33ghz with a
> "snapper" soundcard. everything seems ok, except that I get A/D/A sync
> errors when using ALSA as the driver for audio apps. after googling around I
> see that this is a not-too-uncommon issue? is there a way to resolve this?
> I'm not a total nub, but I don't know anything about configuring ALSA on gut
> level, so any advice would be very appreciated.
> thanks alot

i had the same problem, try with alsaconfig (as root) and then select
or modprobe snd-powermac
also you may need to add 'snd-powermac' to /etc/modules

let us know if this solved your problem

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