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Re: Please unban S. Luther from debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org

On Tue, 2007-09-04 at 06:31 +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> Notice that it was because i candidated for DPL, and because i wanted to
> change a certain amount of thngs in debian, that i was expulsed. Do you
> really think the DAMs will allow a DD who is supportive of me ? Have you
> not read Anthony Town's accusations of Joerg Jaspert on the DM GR ?
> You are just supporting my claims that debian is corrupt to the core,
> and reinforcing my position by this kind of mails, you know ? 

The same bullshit over and over. Bullshit that I won't argue because
it's useless, nothing is achieved and things and people are lost, just
as has already happened with your attitude.

For the other readers: Haven't you wondered why this topic is not
attracting anymore attention by other DDs apart from just a very few?
There's your answer.

> I also suggest you reread the social contract, and in particular :
>   * We will make our users and free software our priority
>   * We won't hide problems.
> David, this is clearly in opposition of the debian habit of doing
> everything in secret, inside the cabal of "those DDs that count" even,
> and putting private vendettas over the well being of our users and free
> software, like right now, where you are ready to kill a port in order to
> further your vengeance against me.

I haven't done anything to kill a port. I haven't even worked on a port
yet. Why would I want to kill it if that port is the main thing I use
everyday on my ppc machine?

> /me wonders if not-respect of the social contract is ground enough to
> expell a DD, since every DD agreed to the social contract, and promised
> to respect it.

That's a long story in Debian. Why did you advocate the social contract
then if we have a private mailing list where we wash our own dirty
clothes? It's a hypocrite to cover under social contract after being
inside the umbrella of -private, don't ya think?

Besides, if Debian is so freaking evil, why are you still here? Really?
Have you checked Gentoo? That's also a nice Linux project, why not try
that? Probably they do respect their own Debian-based social contract: 

Or probably not.

Or probably nobody gives a nut.

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