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Re: radeon driver updates for mac laptops

On Wed, Aug 29, 2007 at 11:36:10PM -0400, Alex Deucher wrote:
> powerbook-duallink indicates that it is one of the laptops that has
> dual link DVI rather than single link.  We can't yet init the external
> dual link TMDS directly, but if OF inits it, it should work.  I'm also
> not sure about some of the pll quirks for ibooks. those may not be
> needed in all cases.

I've tested it on my PowerBook5,4. The summary is: it almost works

> Please test and let me know how it goes, as I don't have any macs and
> we may need additional quirks or finer grained model info.  Also, make
> sure I'm cc'ed as I'm not on this list.

I've compiled the driver this weekend and and it detects the attached
dvi-monitor (I do have to boot with the monitor attached to enable this,
after that it keeps working (specifically it works after a suspend)).
Unfortunately I still have to flip a few bits in FP_GEN_CNTL to actually
enable the output. The bit-twiggling I use is described at:
http://ozlabs.org/~jk/docs/mergefb/. As a result the display won't
blank when my normal screen does.

Aside from these very nice result I've noticed two things not working
quite allright:
 1) I've experienced a couple of crashes, I've not been able to
    determine the cause. However, X has been running for more than a day now
    without any probles. I will get back on this one when I find a cause.
 2) Once after enabling the external display it seemed as if some parts of
    the big screen were mapped onto other parts. As if some portions of the
    memory where duplicated. I will see if I can take a screenshot next time.

I'm very sorry I can't give a better report on the problems but I hope
it's useful none the less.


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