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Re: about partitioning the os x hd

On Aug 17 2007, Mauro wrote:
> Im sorry if this is not the right place to ask, but i wonder if
> there's a way to resize the partition with the mac os x, so i can
> install a debian ppc along.

I think that it depends on which machine you have (which you have not

If you are using a relatively recent PowerPC-based Mac, you can boot it
into target mode (Command-T right after the initial chime) and plug it
into a computer that has a Firewire port and use gparted to resize the

I've done this in the past and it works quite easily.

> Btw, i dont have the Install CD for OS X,

You should have, if you have MacOS X installed in the first place.

> and all the man's and tutorials i've readed said that i HAVE to do it
> with that way (booting with the install cd), otherwise everything will
> be f*cked up.

You are reading the wrong manuals.

Regards, Rogério.

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