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Re: How to modify default keyboard map in PowerBook G4

On Sun, 2007-08-05 at 23:14 +0000, Amit Uttamchandani wrote:
> How I do copy and paste between applications and terminal windows? With PC and
> full sized keyboard, I simply use 'Shift + Insert'. Do you have any suggestions
> as  to how it would work in a PowerBook keyboard (I can't seem to find and
> insert key).

I usually copy and paste by emulating the second and third button on the
mouse (or even more simple, attaching an external USB mouse :P).

My procedure: Edit /etc/sysctl.conf and append:

dev.mac_hid.mouse_button2_keycode = 88
dev.mac_hid.mouse_button3_keycode = 87

Restart. Whoo, restart? Oh, my! Geez! Yes, restart.

Therefore, I use F12 as the right click and F11 as the middle button.


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