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Re: alsaconf does it but reboot kills it

On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 03:05:50PM +0900, 2g wrote:
> i also had "alsa09" in the /etc/libao.conf of stable
> but in unstable it was just "alsa"
> i removed "09" from stable
> but it seems to be okay ... wonder why it was there

 This is about the API version of alsa.  At some point alsa meant API
0.5 whereas alsa09 means the now used 0.9 API version.  As there is only
the latter available in unstable alsa has been switched to mean alsa09.
(though, I'm not too sure if alsa at any time really meant alsa05 ...
but that's irrelevant informations anyway ;))

 So long,

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