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function key usage switched


 I recently update from 2.6.18-4-powerpc to 2.6.21-1-powerpc and
everything worked pretty well -- except for the function keys.  When I
press f1 and f2 it switches the brightness of my screen, f3 to f5
address sound value, and so on.  If I want to use a real f1 I now have
to press fn-f1.

 With 2.6.18 this was the other way round: pressing f1 got through as a
real f1, and fn-f1 changed the brightness.  Is there some boot option or
the likes with which I can revert to the old behavior?  I don't
regularly use the function keys for their special meaning but instead
use them as shortcuts.

 I'm having a PowerBook G4, if that's of any matter.  Any help would be
truly appreciated.  I did look through the diff of /boot/config-* but
didn't find anything that raised my closer interrest.

 So long,

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