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Re: Installing Mac OS X without destroying Debian

"Andrew J. Barr" <andrew.james.barr@gmail.com> writes:

   I hear the Mac OS X installer is extremely unkind to existing
   operating systems whose developer != Apple. 

I thought this applied to Windows..Doesn't look so bad on Mac OS
X. Whenever yaboot doesn't come up, you can always press Alt while
booting, which will let you select a booting device.

   How best to install OS X without trashing Debian? 

I would partition the disk in Debian first, then just reboot, insert
macosx install dvd, start installing. Looks pretty easy.

   Moreover, what filesystem to choose for interoperability? I hear Mac
   OS X has FUSE now, so perhaps it can read and write Ext2/3 as there
   is a FUSE driver for that. 

I doubt FUSE is capable of reading local devices.. I only know sshfs +
FUSE could read/write remote disks.


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