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Re: Mac mini: serious clock drift

On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 16:04 +0100, Bram Senders wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am having issues with clock drift on my G4 Mac mini.  The clock drifts
> so much that even ntpd can't keep up with it.  I keep getting messages
> like "time reset +2.404131 s" from ntpd approximately every 15 to 20
> minutes.

I think the calibration OF puts in the device-tree is crap or we are
using the VIA to calibrate and we should not ...

>From what I remember, Apple has additional calibration code in Darwin
based on the KeyLargo timers (for machines with a KeyLargo). Might be
worth implementing something similar.

Look at pmac_calibrate_decr() in arch/powerpc/platform/powermac/time.c,
and see wether it's calling via_calibrate_decr() or not on your machine.
If not, try calling it and tell us if it improves calibration.


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