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etch on RS/6000 43P150

hi ppc guys,

first of all i have to admit its the first time i deal with a ppc. Ive
got this machine from a workmate, trying hard to get debian on it. After
upgrading the OpenFirmware to its latest version, booting of the
Etch daily builds bails out with the following error:

 0> boot cdrom[:\install\powerpc\vmlinuz-chrp.initrd,\install\yaboot]
 "unrecognized Client Program format state not valid"

(booting the vmlinuz-chrp.initrd or yaboot directly doesnt help either).
I have searched the Archives and discovered several threads about this
issue, but most of them deal with old sarge or woody images. Shouldn't
it be possible to boot of the etch daily builds even on CHRP? 

The Install manual is incomplete here.. any help on how to get this
thing booted is greatly appreciated :)

    - michael

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