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NTP / RTC problem driving me absolutely INSANE!

Hello everyone,

by now you're probably mostly familiar with the trials and tribulations I faced moving to a new architecture but there is one thing that is really annoying me!

I have NTPD running synced to four servers here in the UK and one in France which works fine.  The correct time is shown and everything's ok.  The problem is when I boot to OSX it always shows the time as being one hour behind and corrects it.  Fair enough.  If I then reboot into Debian it shows the time to be one hour ahead.  You'd think that NTP would just correct the time accordingly.  It does but if I'm logged into GNOME which I use as the desktop it blanks the screen and no matter what I try I cannot get back to GNOME or a console terminal.  If I reboot after OSX and log into a terminal while I'm using the terminal GDM informs me that the greeter (the default Etch one) is crashing and changes it to the old school one from Potato!  The only solution is a hard reset.

I would really appreciate some help as it's driving me nuts and is the only problem I'm currently facing.  Everything else works a treat.  I could always tell OSX not to use NTP but I'd prefer both OSes to have the correct time.  Does anyone know if this is a known issue?

I'd be glad to provide any extra info if it's required (dmesg, logs etc.)

thanks in advance,


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