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G3 B/W fiber card blues

Hello.  I've just joined this list so I apologize if this issue has been

I've installed Debian sarge on a Blue and white G3.  This box is planned
to be used as a DNS resolver for our network. I got DJB DNS set up and
working like a champ, my problem lies in the network card.  We use
gigabit fiber for our core network and I chose this model because it has
the 64 bit pci bus that most giga fiber cards use.  I installed a Intel
gigabit card installed.  The e1000.0 module that this card requires  is
present in the kernel but for some reason it doesn't load.  I don't know
if its related but the drivers for the USB and Firewire don't load
properly either.   here is an except from the dmesg log

ieee1394: SelfIDs failed monotony check with 22/0
ieee1394: Error in SelfID stage, resetting
pcilynx0: resetting bus (long bus reset) on request
pcilynx0: bus reset interrupt
pcilynx0: SelfID process finished (phyid 0, root)
pcilynx0: SelfID packet 0x568c7f80 rcvd
ieee1394: SelfIDs failed monotony check with 22/0

this repeats about 50 times then:

ieee1394: Stopping out-of-control reset loop
ieee1394: Warning - topology map and speed map will not be valid
pcilynx0: invalid transaction code
ieee1394: got invalid ack 254 from node 65535 (tcode 4)
ieee1394: Current remote IRM is not 1394a-2000 compliant, resetting...
ieee1394: Stopping reset loop for IRM sanity

Thanks in advance for any insite.


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