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Re: Can't boot Mac OSX after installing Etch - solved


On Tuesday 23 January 2007 10:13, Ananda Samaddar wrote:
> Must have been something with the buggy graphical installer or my messing
> with the partitions.  I used OSX partitioning tool to partition the HDD
> (it's  piece of crap by the way) and everything is working dual-boot wise
> now.
> Feel like a bit of a moron now!

Na :) Mistakes are for learning, they're good :) Thanks for sharing your 

In my experience with 96mb ram, the partitioning tool of the graphical 
installer also behaved badly, thats why we made it switch to the text based 
installer if there are less than 128mb of ram available. But this doesn't 
seem to be enough - probably only if there are macosx partitions - which I 
cannot test :-/ (i suspect it needs to do more calculations and these 
calculation process is quite inefficient...) 

Does someone has a.) maxosx installed b.) more than 128mb (it's possible to 
tell the system to use less, if you have half a gig or something) and c.) is 
willing to do a test-install which might destroy the installation..? Uhh.

Also it needs to be tested with our partitioning tool :)

And the test should be done with the daily-build of the installer - which one 
did you use exactly? daily? rc1? ubuntu?


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