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pbook 12" DVI output

Hi 12" people on this list:

I've had success with the minDVI->DVI adapter for my pbook-12" and an
external monitor with DVI input, I used this flags in the device

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "NVIDIA out"
        Driver          "nv"

        #BusID          "PCI:0:16:0"
        Option          "CrtcNumber" "0" # 0 is external crt
        Option          "FlatPanel"  "1" # 0 is external crt

The main advantage over miniDVI->VGA adapter for me is that I can have
both text-based-consoles (VT1, VT2, etc...) and the graphics console on
the external monitor (with the miniDVI->VGA adapter the text consoles
are shown in the laptop panel and the graphics one in the external
monitor). So far so good.

Only one glitch (that's why I write here in case someone knows if it can
be solved):
  - After the boot process finishes and, in my case, gdm starts, the
laptop panel shows a dirty image, exactly as it happens with the
miniDVI->VGA adapter. With this adapter I turned-off the laptop panel
backlight with fn-alt-f1 and I worked only with the output on the
external monitor, but...

  - with the miniDVI-DVI adapter when I turn-off the backlight of the
laptop panel with fn-alt-f1, the image on the external monitor also
turns black :(

Is there a way to solve this issue?

A. Corbi

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