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Re:mol with 2.6.18-3 [Was: mol-modules 2.6.16-2]

--- Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> wrote:

> Thore Sittly wrote:
> > I wanted to use Mac-On-Linux on my Debian PPC
> Kernel Version 2.6.16-2, but I cannot compile that
> mod-modules
> please use the current kernels of 2.6.18-3.
> Additionally, note that for those kernels we already
> have precompiled
> modules packages (mol-modules-*) in the archive, you
> don't need to
> compile them on your own anymore.

this is nice, however the last time i tried it
a few weeks ago, it deblesses my macosx system,
which is a pain to correct, especially for a novice.
it means you cannot boot directly anymore into macosx
and you need another macosx system to boot from to
fix ?? unless there is some utility in debian
i forgot. anyway i have a bootcd and a backup disk
so it didn't hurt me, still it makes it a problem.

this is for me on apple hardware, my intuition is
mol puts non apple ppc first as that could be me
someday soon, the only way those can run macos,
and this error might not matter to them ...


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