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Re: Debian has failed us (Why ?)

Dear all,

In my opinion, what gave a bad impression of Debian is rooted in the way
the ports are managed: crucial operations are scattered between multiple
teams - or worse, individuals. Obviously ports generate frustrations.

* Ports with dedicated users face inertias as an obstacle: see the many
  discussions about m68k, amd64 or ppc.

* Zombie ports with not enough caring people are a burden to Debian
  contributors: for instance, to solve a problem caused by s390 I had to
  try to interact with busy people who do not have a special interest in
  the port itself (administrators of the master FTP, and administrators
  of the buildds), which warrants that the problem will be solved slowly.

Depending on behavioural incompatibilities, such frustrations eventually
crystallise in personnal conflicts.

I think that having a system in which the ports are organised around a
pluricompetent team with more responsabilities would reduce the
conflicts by making people more able to work independantly.

In conclusion, we have to adapt the work to the men, not the men to the

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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