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Re: [FYI] debian-installer for SONY PS3

It occurs to me that this might be of interest here. The rest of the
thread is in debian-boot.

Kenshi Muto wrote:
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> Hi,
> Takeshi Yaegashi, who is my friend, succeeded to install Debian
> on SONY PlayStation 3 (PS3). PS3 is PPC64 architecture and
> some Linux distributions and NetBSD are already ported for PS3.
> His wiki describes how you can install Debian on PS3 by using his
> customized Debian-Installer:
> http://www.keshi.org/moin/moin.cgi/PS3/Debian/Installer
> SVN diff against current d-i trunk (still under development,
> he is carefully changing d-i to keep small):
> http://www.keshi.org/moin/moin.cgi/PS3/Debian/Installer/Porting
> Although I haven't PS3, it's very interesting that d-i merges
> his PS3 PPC specific patch for post-Etch.
> I talked with him for a while and he pointed some TODO.
> 1. We need newer kernel or patched kernel to support PS3 architecture.
> 2. We have to ITP ps3pf-utils package to use video on X and some
>    features.
> 3. We have to use new kboot.udeb instead of other PPC installer.
>    kboot is Linux based boot loader and can be installed from
>    SONY official kit. It finds a boot configuration from the 
>    partition has specific label and loads the file. So we don't
>    have to install something to install boot sector. kboot.udeb
>    just locates the configuration file kboot.conf to /etc directory.
> Thanks,
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> Kenshi Muto
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