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Re: Which version

On 12/13/06, Charles Plessy <charles-debian-nospam@plessy.org> wrote:
Definitely, the OEM market for desktop ppc is dead. But the second hand
market is much greater than the OEM one anyway. Does anybody has an idea
on the number of ppc macintoshes Apple sold?

I certainly don't know the figures but I agree exactly with what you
are saying. I see two likely scenarios why ppc should not be dropped:-

1) You have a whole bunch of imac and emacs being used in schools and
universities all around the world. Does dropping ppc support then in
fact prevent these educational institutions from running
Ubuntu/Debian/Other if they wanted to go the OSS route?

2) Many people who have not ventured into Apple before are probably
likely to buy a second-hand ppc mac first to try it out. While OSX is
a good OS it doesn't run so well on early-spec ppc machines and these
types of machines are perfect candidates for a linux distro. Even if
you have many Apple machines it still makes sense to use a linux
distro on the older machines as software for Apple gets more
complicated and more resource hungry.

The Intel macs are really not that old so that would also imply that
ppc is not yet at the end of its life cycle. We've had barely one year
with intel macs and already support is being dropped for ppc? Seem
premature IMHO.

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