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Re: good chipset for wifi ?

question: does your ibook have slot for original
card, and if so does it also have the good antenna
is built in to the lid ? although i have a pccard
wireless for my powerbook i know it does have both of
those (pismo, 2000), if i got airport card i would
have better signal/reception. otherwise, i have found
some weather foggy or low clouds they say reflected
signals it is drowned out in the noise. 

i had tried some usb thingy and it didn't work for me
then either but it may have been just my weak linux

chipset in my present card is intersil 2.5, it works
with standard driver, no special(*). well i did
install debian with the wireless connection as for my
net install. so the driver was auto installed. if you
can carve out some free space somewhere you might just
try that -- just boot up a fairly recent netinst or
buscard and see if it auto detects...

(*) although there are now intersil drivers, actually
two packages in etch alternatives, it uses the orinoco
driver. for those package i too feel like i could
use a walk through. as in much here recent
documentation is thin these days.for my setup is
pretty primitive
i have to type :

iwconfig eth2 essid <name>;dhclient eth2

--- sputnick <six6six@free.fr> wrote:

> Hi there.
> I'm looking for a supported chipset whith my debian
> etch ppc.
> I tried during one month to configure a DWL-G122
> from d-link without 
> result. ( chipset RT2571W & rt73 ralink driver)
> The best will be a good chipset whith a good how to
> ;)
> Thanks to read me.
> Cheers, sputnick.
> etch PPC
> 2.6.17-2-powerpc
> kde3.5
> pbbuttonsd
> ikeyd
> powerprefs
> # cat /proc/cpuinfo
> processor       : 0
> cpu             : 740/750
> temperature     : 35-37 C (uncalibrated)
> clock           : 299MHz
> revision        : 131.0 (pvr 0008 8300)
> bogomips        : 595.96
> machine         : PowerBook2,1
> motherboard     : PowerBook2,1 MacRISC2 MacRISC
> Power Macintosh
> detected as     : 64 (iBook (first generation))
> pmac flags      : 0000000d
> L2 cache        : 512K unified
> memory          : 160MB
> pmac-generation : NewWorld
> -- 
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