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Problems with 2.6.18-1-vserver-powerpc

I have upgraded my box with a 2.6.18-1-vserver-powerpc kernel, and its the
third time my box completely freeze: no more keyboard, no more mouse, no more
network activity. The system just hang forever. No specific messages in any
logs (I checked syslog, messages and kern.log).

I do not remember getting such a behavior with any computer running Linux
since my early days using the SLS distribution.

I run Debian sid on a Mac Powerbook Aluminium (PowerBook5,4) and am connected
to my LAN through the airport (bcm53xx) card.

I just switch back to a 2.6.17-2-vserver-powerpc kernel in order to try if it
comes from the kernel.

Does anybody get such strange behavior recently with a 2.6.18 kernel, or do I
have to look for the problem in another direction ?

Bruno Beaufils

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