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Re: 2.6.18 on sid boots with BootX ?

i am booting 2.6.18-1 from debian unstable on
DT Beige G3 revB (March,'98). i have testing
installed for the most part and i have been 
having some trouble getting Xorg7.0 to go. i was
working on it a bit more today, i got a little
further. since i want to run etch i don't
want to go too far into unstable for when
there is the freeze, but this should be
very soon now shouldn't it.(i am wondering
if xorg7.1 will get in mostly)

i have working on a copy and saving a copy
of sarge in case of severe mishap.

i am also running etch completely up to date
on an older powerbook (2/97) but i cannot
get it to boot later kernel than 2.6.15
with either bootx or quik.you can't get 
2.6.15 from debian anymore, its been deleted.

third, i have one new world machine running
etch with 2.6.17. a few problems but minor.

i am really worried that support is getting
cut for the older macs and starting with the
pre-g3s now but maybe more later. so another
reason i want to stay in etch not get caught
in unstable/testing.

also expect if you are upgrading online to get
404 not found errors on some packages. advise
use alternate mirror as well as putting both
etch and testing in sources.list (i use
osu as i know they have both sarge and etch ppc
boxes (pegasos) running there).

--- Fábio Rabelo <fabior@ajato.com.br> wrote:

> Hi all, just checking .
> The current kernel 2.6.18 present in Debian Unstable
> ( sid ) is able to 
> boot a Beige G3 with BootX ?
> I have one of this, and is working fine as
> gateway/firewall of one of my 
> costumers, but I will personally in his place to
> upgrade some other 
> things, so I could take the chance and update this
> machine too ?!?
> thanks in advance
> Fábio Rabelo

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