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Re: linux-2.6: [powerpc] Please enable the amd74xx driver

--- Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:

> Please enable this ide driver for powerpc. It seems
> to be needed.

please put back the 2.6.15 kernel package i need to
boot my old powerbook which i use everyday for
business, that is until a newer kernel has been
shown to work.(and include it on the installation
cd with initrd for the installer !)

also please put back the deleted pcmcia support,
and do not delete any more of it. even my new world
mac needs it as i do not have $100 to spare for
an airport card, and my older one won't take it 
in any case.
> Cheers,
> P.S. It would be really great if the powerpc kernel
> maintainer would do 
> his own basic research before crying that it is a
> d-i problem and making 
> the D-I release manager do his work for him.
> This has been the _last time_ I have looked into
> things for powerpc as in 
> almost all cases I only have to find out that the
> problem *is not in the 
> installer*!!!!!
> The Debian powerpc port needs more active
> porters!!!!
if you want more active developers in the port,
you have to support people from less well advantaged
situations, where most of the new talent is coming
from these years. 

never mind the percentages, a lot of people are
turned off by the consumer trade but there is a 
lot of industrial significance for the powerpc.

either debian is inclusive and values oriented or
it is not. but if it is not it should not be
advertising as so on its websites.

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