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Re: Is snd-aoa in official kernels?

On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 03:26:37PM -0300, Eduardo Trápani wrote:
> Hi,
> Is snd-aoa already being shipped with Debian kernel images?
> If not, could somebody tell me what the appropriate procedure is to build 
> the powerpc64 flavor?  Do I have to patch the kernel or is it enough to 
> download 2.6.18 and do a make-kpkg?

snd-oao was activated in debian's 2.6.18, i think there was some problem on it
for powerpc64 though, not sure, please check. Of the don't build category,
please file a bug report tagged [powerpc64] in the subject against linux-2.6
if this is the case, patches welcome.


Sven Luther

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