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Re: call for testers: powerpc graphical debian installer

On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 03:30:12PM +0200, shookie@email.de wrote:
> Ok, thank you first for your answer. I don't need pcmcia on a server, so I'll give it a try., since those you can actually deactivate in the install process.

One thing, is that this only applies to 2.6.18, while the images are 2.6.17
based yet.

> Now my test runs, took longer than I thought.
> First I messed up 2 cds  by burning them withou yaboot and yaboot.conf and boot.msg. I took the ones from the netinst directories then. Also I needed to start via open-firmware ... but that are the small issues.

Why nto just burn the mini.iso, which contains all you need ? 

> First my hardware (from the os x panel) (CPU, graphic card and memory should be enough info I guess):
> Hardware Overview:
>   Machine Name:	Power Mac G5
>   Machine Model:	PowerMac7,3
>   CPU Type:	PowerPC G5  (3.0)
>   Number Of CPUs:	2
>   CPU Speed:	1.8 GHz
>   L2 Cache (per CPU):	512 KB
>   Memory:	1.5 GB
>   Bus Speed:	900 MHz
>   Boot ROM Version:	5.1.8f7
> GeForce FX 5200:
>   Chipset Model:	GeForce FX 5200

Cool, this are nvidia ones. I would be interested in knowing what /proc/fb has
to say when you have this one booted.


Sven Luther

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